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Caring for God's Acre

Caring for Gods Acre

Making the most of biodiversity data in burial grounds

With over 20,000 burial grounds in England and Wales, it is important to provide access to biodiversity data about plants, animals and fungi. This data can be used to educate and inform decision makers and local people. Understanding the biodiversity value of burial grounds can help protect these sites from development, closure, under management and mismanagement.


Sites: 20,325

Sites with records: 7,384

Species: 10,864

Please note, if there aren’t any records displayed for a burial ground, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any species present – it could mean we just don’t have any records of that species there.  Help us to learn more about these special spaces by sharing your records using our recording form.

NBN Atlas

The Beautiful Burial Ground Atlas is a portal of the NBN Atlas, a collaborative project that has created the country’s largest collection of biodiversity data, aggregated from multiple sources and made available and usable online.


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